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Mark Collord

Top Listing Agent

I purchased my first home in 1980 while I was employed as the General Manager for a 5 store furniture chain. Eleven years later (1991), looking back, I realized that that purchase was the most important and profitable decision I had made. At that time I was in the furniture industry because I have always felt a great sense of joy when I saw how happy customers felt making a furniture purchase. Since my house purchase was the best and most satisfying purchase I had ever made I decided to make a change to selling the product that been the best to me.

My first year in real estate (1991) I had a great deal of success. I was selling 3 bed houses for $100,000 and making a full commission of $3000. As home prices rose commissions rose exponentially. In Seattle many 3 bed houses sell for $700,000 and the standard 3% commission is $21,000. In the late 1990's I realized it is inherently unfair to charge homeowners that much money. I felt I could, and should, offer my experience and talents for less. It gives me great satisfaction to help homeowners and buyers and I can still make a great living. I simply list and sell more homes than the average agent. I consider myself lucky to have this great job and to have the opportunity to help people. I want them to feel about their real estate transaction like I did about my first home purchase.